If You Love Thailand, Do NOT See ‘Hangover II’


There are so many reasons why Thai authorities need to hire a farang (westerner) to look into things Thais don’t understand about the west, it’s crazy. But one very big reason is the movie Hangover II.  That the Thai Film Board read this script and then allowed it to be filmed in Thailand is mind-blowing. The only explanation can be they didn’t understand it. But, one thing is for sure, ‘Hangover II’ isn’t going to help Thailand’s reputation much, and if you love Thailand, you shouldn’t be going to see it.

Thailand already has an undeserved reputation as the “sex capital of the world”. So much so, westerners who haven’t been to Thailand don’t know it’s full of incredibly beautiful places, stunning ancient temples, a fascinating religion, a rich culture, wonderful people and amazing food, and that Thailand’s sex industry is no bigger than that of any other average country.

But, while trashy movies like “Hangover II” are still allowed to be filmed in Thailand, all people around the world will ever think of Thailand is corruption, sleaze and sex, and all the many wonderful and beautiful things about the country will be ignored.

Rogert Ebert, in one of his usual brilliant reviews, says about “Hangover II”

“I’m no expert, but I’ve been to Bangkok, and while the city no doubt has a seamy side, let it be said that much of “The Hangover, Part II” plays like an anti-travelogue paid for by a rival tourist destination — Singapore, maybe.”

I’ve only seen the previews of “Hangover II”  so far and, all I can say is, if you love Thailand as much as I do, please, please, please do not pay to see it. It’s damaging to Thailand’s reputation and shows Thailand in a bad light.

After all, why would ANY Thai, or anyone who loves Thailand, want to put money in the pocket of the man who made this – he obviously has a very poor opinion of Thailand. Why reward that!