Important Dos and Don’ts for Traveling in Chiang Mai, Thailand (Video)

A building on temple grounds in Chiang Mai.
A building on temple grounds in Chiang Mai.

I came across this video today on ‘Dos and Don’ts for Traveling in Chiang Mai, Thailand‘ and just had to put it up on my site as it’s excellent.

Put together by a Thai and a farang (westerner) who has lived in Thailand for around 20 years, it is a short video but gives you just about all the essentials you need about what to do and what not to do when traveling in Chiang Mai. It’s also appropriate for the rest of Thailand to.

In it, Jonathan Harmon talks about how to behave in Thailand and points out some of the things you shouldn’t do — things I see low-class westerners doing in Thailand on a daily basis — and I say ‘low-class’ as, just like Jonathan says, that’s how Thais will view you if you do them.

Walking around a city with your shirt off? Absolutely not done in Thailand. Pointing at things with your finger (Thais point with their hand outstretched flat and palm facing upwards)? Or stepping over people lying on the floor? There are so many small things you should never do in Thailand, not if you want to be accepted, treated with respect and not looked at as ‘low-so’ (the phrase Thais use for someone they classify as a low-life).

Watch the video if you’re planning a trip to Thailand and are worried about dos and don’ts for traveling in Chiang Mai, or simply don’t want to make cultural mistakes if they can be avoided.

It will help you to understand Thai culture a little bit and make any trip here a lot more pleasant. The locals will like you more as well.

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