Israel bans Thais from entering the country due to coronavirus (COVID-19)

As countries all over Asia and the world continue to implement bans of visitors from certain countries infected by the coronavirus (COVID-19), Israel has announced a ban on all Thais entering the country.

Thailand’s Labor Ministry says this will cause them to have to postpone sending Thai workers to Israel under the employment cooperation project.

A reality the ministry seems to be annoyed about.

Thailand is not the only country whose citizens Israel has banned from entering, however, as  Israel’s Population and Immigration Authority have also announced they will deny entry to those from China, Macau, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Not only citizens, but also anyone who has visited China, Macau, Singapore, Hong Kong and Thailand in the last 14 days.

Three Thais on Diamond Princess cruise ship infected by coronavirus

It was also announced this morning three Thais on the Diamone Princess cruise ship currently anchored off the coast of Japan have tested positive for the coronavirus.

They are a passenger and two crew members, all of whom are now being treated at a hospital in Japan.

Another Thai passenger has tested negative for the virus, as have 21 Thai crew members.

The passenger is currently staying at a hotel in Japan, and will be flown back to Thailand in the next few days.

Number of coronavirus cases in Thailand holds steady

Meanwhile, the Thai Disease Control Department’s Bureau of General Communicable Diseases has announced the number of cases of infection by the coronavirus in Thailand still stand at just 35.

Eighteen of these cases remain in hospital, while the other 17 people have already been released due to recovering from the infection.

Thailand has also announced it will increase entry screening to people traveling to the country from Japan and Singapore due to cases of the virus increasing in both places.

The country already screens all visitors from China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

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