It’s So Hot in Thailand Your Bags and Shoes Could Melt………..

It’s so hot in Thailand, chocolate would definitely melt

Okay, so it is not that hot in Thailand that your bags and shoes could melt, but I did think it quite adventurous of one Thai company that created this wonderful display of chocolate handbags and shoes at my local mall this week.

Thais are extremely creative with food — if you have ever seen Thai fruit and vegetable carving, you will know what I mean —  so it is not surprising a Thai created these gorgeous chocolate shoes and bags.

All of the pieces were made completely from chocolate, and all looking exactly like the real thing.

In fact, the only thing that is a little surprising is that, in Bangkok’s 95-plus degree heat, they didn’t melt.

Lovely aren’t they? And, knowing Thai chocolate, I will bet they tasted delicious too.