Jack N Jill Strawberry Dewberry Cookies are Deliciously Awesome

jack n jill dewberry cookies strawberry

Addicted to Jack ‘N Jill Strawberry Dewberry Cookies?

I don’t buy cookies that much, and particularly in Thailand where I find most Thai cookies a little bit bland and boring. Recently, however, I’ve become addicted to Jack ‘N Jill Strawberry Dewberry cookies, a small sandwich cookie that’s made from two melt-in-your-mouth cookies stuffed with a cheesecake-tasting cream and some strawberry jam. Yum!

What’s even better about Jack ‘N Jill Strawberry Dewberry cookies is they’re not only tasty but you can buy them at every Thai supermarket and at most 7-11s and Family Mart-style stores. They’re also incredibly cheap — only 10 baht (32 cents) for a packet that holds nine cookies — which also makes them a quick and excellent snack.

Who makes Jack N’ Jill Dewberry cookies?

Jack ‘N Jill Strawberry Dewberry cookies are baked by URC (Thailand), a subsidiary of a Philippines company that sells, among many other things, foods, beverages and snacks.

URC (Thailand) concentrates mainly onĀ snacks, candies, biscuits, wafer and chocolates and have been in business here for more than 23 years. They’re currently seeing a 20 percent growth rate per year within Thailand, which is actually not surprising when you see how delicious all their products are and how inexpensive compared to similar products from other brands.

As for Jack ‘N Jill Strawberry Dewberry cookies, you can buy them in a variety of packet sizes or, if you prefer the taste of blueberries to strawberries, the Jack ‘N Jill Blueberry Dewberry cookies are well worth a try as well. I pick up a few packets of each flavor every week and they certainly don’t last long at my house before I need to buy more.

In fact, I only have one problem with them. I’ve already eaten half a packet as my lunch-time dessert, and now I’m hoping I can hold off until dinner time before I eat the rest. Wish me luck!