K-Pop ‘Kiyomi’ Latest Trend With Cute Thai Girls on the Internet (Video)

kiyomi thailand


At least once a month, there’s a new internet trend sweeping Thailand. This month it’s K-Pop’s ‘Kiyomi’, and it’s grabbed Thailand in a big way.

‘Kiyomi’ is a 50-second Korean dance routine that started in Korea at the beginning of the year but that’s now popping up in YouTube videos from cute Thai girls everywhere. Thai girls who are dying to emulate their favorite K-Pop idols as well as show the world how cute they are themselves.

‘Kiyomi’, also known as “Gwiyomi”, is a Korean slang word that is used to say someone is cute. The trend all started when Korean singer, Hari, released a song called Kiyomi Song. Soon afterwards, Korean boy band BtoB member Jung Llhoon created a funny hand dance to go along with it and the internet craze of ‘Kiyomi’ was born.

Now, you’ll find hundreds of YouTube ‘Kiyomi’ videos from cute Thai girls, and even a few cute Thai boys, by just doing a quick search for the term followed by the word ‘Thailand’. So far, though (and some would say “Thank heavens”), it seems to be a trend unique to Asia.

And yes, while many of the Thai girls uploading their Kiyomi videos to YouTube look incredibly ‘cute’ doing their version of the Korean song, wouldn’t it be nice if just once the latest craze actually originated in Thailand, instead of Thais copying a craze from somewhere else?

After all, it’s not as if Thais aren’t talented enough to create their own original work. Of course, they are.

Meanwhile, here’s one of my favorite Kiyomi Thailand videos featuring an extremely cute Thai duo.

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