Kirin “Tea Break” Bottled Iced Tea: Not Only Cheap But Supremely Delicious


Bottled iced teas are popular all over Asia, with literally hundreds of brands and flavors to choose from. As I live in Thailand, one of the hottest countries in the world, I drink a fare number of iced teas and coffees every week, and I love to try new brands and flavors.

One brand I’d never tried before is Kirin “Tea Break” bottled tea.  I’m familiar with the brand, as Kirin has been selling bottled teas in Thailand since 2009, but they’ve recently changed the labels on their Kirin “Tea Break” brand, and it was the new, pretty labels that caught my eye today.

Selling at my local supermarket for only 12 baht (40 cents) a bottle, it was too cheap to pass up, so I grabbed a bottle of Kirin “Tea Break” White Grape flavor, and poured myself a glass as soon as I got home.

Oh yum, yum, yum – let me say, this is one of the nicest iced teas I’ve drunk in a long time.  The tea taste is great, not bitter at all, and there’s such a rich grape flavor, it’s a very pleasant, refreshing drink.

Also in the Kirin “Tea Break” brand is an Apple flavored tea, as well as Lemon and a couple of other flavors. I’ll be picking up a bottle of each the next time I hit the supermarket as, if they’re as delicious as the White Grape, Kirin “Tea Break” could just be my new favorite bottled tea.