Koh-Kae Chicken Coated Peanuts: Yum, Yum, a Delicious and Cheap Snack


Koh Kae peanuts
Packets of Koh Kae peanuts — chicken above and nori wasabi below at my local Tesco Lotus in Bangkok.


When I first came to Thailand and a Thai friend offered me Koh-Kae chicken coated peanuts, the idea of a chicken flavored peanut sounded a little odd. Surprisingly though, as I soon found out, Koh-Kae chicken coated peanuts are incredibly tasty and make a very cheap and delicious snack. So much so, I now eat them a couple of times a week.

As for what they are, they are nothing more than a roasted peanut that has a coating of a particular flavor around it. The coating makes a crunchy shell which, when you bite into it combines with the taste of the inner peanut and is really delicious.

You’ll find Koh-Kae chicken coated peanuts at every supermarket, 7-11 and convenience store in Thailand. Along with chicken flavored peanuts, Koh-Kae also makes coconut cream coated peanuts, nori wasabi coated peanuts, shrimp coated peanuts and coffee coated peanuts.

Yes, I have eaten every flavor and, yes, they are delicious. The chicken and the coconut, however, are my favorites.

The great thing about Koh-Kae peanuts, above and beyond how tasty they are, is the many different package sizes they come in. The smallest packets are just 10 baht (33 cents) and are perfect for a snack for one person. The next step up is a 20 baht package and good for a big snack when you’re very hungry or enough for two to three people.

You can also buy the peanuts in every flavor in small and large cans – wonderful if you don’t want to eat a whole package at once as they keep the flavor and freshness in the peanuts for about two weeks.

Next time you go to the grocery store in Thailand, why not grab a bag or two of Koh-Kae peanuts and give them a try. If you like peanuts, these may just be the best you’ve ever eaten. Just don’t eat too many as, calorie-wise, a couple of bags can really add up.

You can find out more about them plus everything else Koh-Kae sells on their website — and yes, it’s in English.


Koh Kae shrimp peanuts
Shrimp coated peanuts on the top shelf and coconut coated on the bottom two shelves.