Koh Phi Phi closing to most visitors until September 24th due to 7 cases of Covid-19

As panic over Covid-19 continues in Thailand, the Thai island of Koh Phi Phi is closing to most visitors.

That means anyone that planned on vacationing on Koh Phi Phi via the Phuket Sandbox will likely see increased restrictions upon arrival, while others who may want to holiday there will be required to stay away.

The Koh Phi Phi closing is due to seven cases of Covid-19.

The cases were discovered after migrants at a wastewater treatment construction site and two Phi Phi police officers tested positive for the virus.

Thirty six other migrant workers are also waiting for their test results.

Approximately, 1,500 to 2,000 people live on Phi Phi at any given time.

The self-isolation of Koh Phi Phi will begin tomorrow, Thursday, and will continue until September 24th.

While the Thai island is shut off to most, officials plan on disinfecting areas. Something that has proven to not be effective against Covid-19, but something Thai officials continue to do.

They will also be looking for other Covid-19 cases among the Phi Phi population and any holidaymakers that may currently be there.

The only people that will be allowed to visit Koh Phi Phi for the next seven days, will be tourists who are already in the Phuket Sandbox, health workers, couriers and essential workers.

Anyone else will have to wait until the island’s self-isolation ends.


Florian Hallermann, General Manager of the Zeavola Resort on Phi Phi Island — Photo: Zeavola Resort

Meanwhile, a 56 year old Austrian man, Florian Hallermann, who is the General Manager of Zeavola Resort and a long-time resident of Koh Phi Phi has been missing since Saturday.

Hallermann was last seen early on Saturday afternoon walking towards Ao Nui.

During the extensive search for him yesterday, one search team discovered the body of a Thai man. His body was transported to Phi Phi Hospital for autopsy.

Hallerman remains missing.