LaiLai Sap Market is Bangkok’s Cheapest Place For Business Clothing

Bags (genuine and designer fakes) are great bargains at Lailai Sap Market


Every office worker in the Silom area of Bangkok, has heard of Lailai Sap Market. Also known as Lai Lai Sup Market, this Monday through Friday clothing and accessories market is geared towards Bangkokians who work in offices and businesses in the Silom area of town. Tourists may stumble on the market occasionally but, most of the time, Lailai Sap is a hidden treasure that, if you’re shopping for good quality business clothing, shoes and accessories, but need cheap prices, this market is the only place to shop.

Location of Lailai Sap Market – Easy to find, LaiLai Sap Market is just a short walk from Sala Daeng sky train station in the Silom area of Bangkok. Just find the large Bangkok Bank headquarters building and walk down the small soi at the side of it (Silom Soi 5). Lailai Sap Market is in a small building on the right. Opening hours are 10am to 9pm.

What to Buy at Lailai Sap Market – Due to its location in Bangkok’s Central Business District, pushed in among massive sky scrapers, smaller offices, other businesses and shops, the main focus at Lailai Sap Market is inexpensive clothing suitable to wear for work.

Although, at first look, the market might seem small, it actually has a large number of stalls selling tens of thousands of pieces of clothing, pairs of shoes and accessory items. Whether you’re looking for something conservative, like a crisp white dress shirt, or a more frilly version for the typical Thai young office worker, or a tailored skirt or a floral affair, you’ll find all of this and more at Lailai Sap.

There’s clothing, shoes and accessories for working men and women and, for the women, several shops selling designer-styled purses and handbags. Leather shoes and belts are also in abundance and, if you need cosmetics and perfume (or cologne for the men), you can even buy those here.

Prices at Lailai Sap are unbelievably cheap, especially for the good quality of most items for sale. Do inspect each item carefully before buying it, but don’t be surprised if you are able to buy a full outfit, including shoes, belt and a bag for less than $25. Some items are even the traditional 100 baht ($3) which, for a shirt or a pretty cotton dress, is quite astounding.

Casual clothing is also sold here, although the main focus is for the office.

Eat at Lailai Sap Market – Although, sure, it’s crowded, one of the most fun times to visit Lailai Sap is at lunchtime as this is when the market really livens up. Cute office girls and shop girls appear from every direction, as well as young Thai executives, and head into the market not only to shop but also to eat lunch at the small open-air food court.

Get Pad Thai, chicken and rice, or pork leg with rice, and an iced coffee or soft drink and settle back at one of the small tables to enjoy an inexpensive lunch and watch the people walk by.