Lek Seafood at Chong Nonsi, Bangkok – Cheap, Delicious, Thai Food

The perfect 'Hoy Tod' oyster omelette in Bangkok - copyright skaredy_kat, Creative Commons


If you’re looking for authentic, and deliciouis, Thai food in Bangkok at a place where the Thais eat then Lek Seafood is the place. Not much more than a hole in the wall right below the Chong Nonsi BTS skytrain platform on Narathiwatrachanakharin Road in Silom, Lek Seafood serves some of the best Thai food, and seafood, in Bangkok.

At Lek Seafood,the Yam Hoy Krang (a spicy cockle salad) is superb, as is the Hoy Tod, (oysters served in a crispy egg omelet with beansprouts). Before I ate an Hoy Tod at Lek Seafood, I’d last eaten one at a restaurant in the basement of Central Ladprao. Where Lek’s version was crispy, perfectly cooked and succulent, the one at Central was soggy, rubbery and foul. Needless to say, Lek Seafood has become my favorite place in Bangkok to eat an oyster omelet.

The chili crab at Lek Seafood is amazing, the barbecue prawns are massive and a must-eat, and if you miss their steamed catfish in a lime sauce served piping hot and over a flame to keep it so, then you neglected to eat just about the best thing Lek Seafood serves.

Lek Seafood is only a dinner restuarant, so don’t go there for lunch as you’ll be disappointed. They open around 5pm but stay open until after midnight, so there’s plenty of time to try everything on the menu. Prices are extremely inexpensive (if in a group, 300 baht ($10) per person should get you a lot of food), and the service is excellent.

You’ll find Lek Seafood on the street right below the Chong Nonsi BTS skytrain.