Like Wine? Try Wine Pub at Pullman Bangkok King Power – Awesome Wine and Food


I’m not particularly a wine lover. Sure, I’ll drink a glass occasionally but wine has never been my choice of drink. That’s why it took me as long as it did to venture out to Wine Pub at Pullman Bangkok King Power Hotel. But, once I did, I realized what an incredible place this is to enjoy good wine and great food in a fun atmosphere. Since my first visit, I’ve been back several times with a huge group of friends – all who love the Spanish tapas, huge selection of wines and cool music. Wine Pub – it really is a wine lover’s paradise.

Where is Wine Pub? – Located in the oddly named Pullman Bangkok King Power Hotel, it’s on the second floor of the hotel, tucked away in a dark and cozy room, stocked to the gills with wine. The Pullman Bangkok King Power Hotel is owned by Thailand’s largest duty-free company, King Power, so it’s probably not surprising they went into the wine business.

What is Wine Pub? – Wine Pub is a place where you can enjoy a glass, a bottle or more, of as many domestic and imported wines as you like. A wine pub where you can sit back, relax, hang out with friends, take a business acquaintance for a drink, or even enjoy a romantic date if you both enjoy wine. It’s known for its more than a hundred different wines – from affordable to insanely expensive – and also for the tasty food it serves.

The Wine and the Food – Of course, at Wine Pub, the wine is the thing. You can choose to have a bottle of wine, a wine tester (three different wines in smaller glasses), or wine by the glass. Wines from France, Germany, Chile, Australia, California – a huge choice of wines, with just about every wine my friends and I wanted right there on the menu.They also serve a number of cocktails and a variety of beers, which I was happy about as, like I said, as wine really isn’t my choice, I did manage to drink my normal cocktail after a few glasses of wine.

Wine Pub is known for its specials as much as it is for the wine. They do some wonderful combinations of wine plus food – things like five meats, five cheeses and a bottle of wine, all-you-can-eat Spanish tapas night,
all-you-can-eat pasta plus a bottle of wine night – most for around 900 baht ($35) a person. They also have a great selection of cheeses and, as I’m a cheese freak, I was happy to enjoy a couple of tasty ones with my wine. In fact, if you look at just the specials alone, no other wine bar in Thailand provides that type of food and good wine for such an inexpensive price.

If you’re looking for the tastiest and best food deal though, the Spanish Tapas night is the best time to frequent Wine Pub. They serve an all-you-can-eat massive selection of traditional Spanish tapas, along with some superb Spanish (or any other nationality) wines, and all for the low price of 990 baht ($35). As Spanish food is the favorite cuisine in the world, if I could get to the Wine Pub every Saturday for tapas night, that’s where I’d be. It’s absolutely lovely.

The Staff and the Atmosphere – Above and beyond the amazing wine and the great food though, the staff and the pub itself really make your night. The staff is positively delightful. Friendly, funny and extremely knowledgeable about the wine they serve, we’ve discovered some excellent inexpensive wines purely on the recommendation of the staff.

The atmosphere at Wine Pub is amazing too. At night, it’s a bit dark and moody, with lots of comfy seats and candlelight – nursing a glass of wine, some cheese in olive oil and herbs, and listening to the amazing music from the low-key DJ – there’s no cozier or more romantic place in Bangkok.

Wine Pub is a bit of a bother to find, but head to Pullman Bangkok King Power Hotel by going to Victory Monument sky train station and taking a taxi. They’re just five minutes away at 8/2 Rangnam Road in Bangkok.