Lok Wah Hin at Novotel Siam Square – Upscale Dim Sum at an Inexpensive Price


If you’re looking for a dim sum restaurant in downtown Bangkok and prefer an upscale experience but don’t necessarily want to pay an upscale price, then Lok Wah Hin is the place. Located on the second floor of the Novotel Siam Square, the ambience is traditional and actually quite elegant, but prices here are cheap.

Prepared by a chef from Hong Kong, so these dim sum are the real deal, Lok Wah Hin’s menu alone is astounding.   With at least a hundred Shanghai, Cantonese and Szechuan items (and yes, it takes quite a while to choose all your dishes), you’ll find won ton, pork dumplings, shrimp dumpling, Shanghai steamed buns with an amazing broth filling, spring rolls, taro dumplings and more. There are also about 100 other things on the menu that aren’t dim sum including pork spare ribs and duck.

Everything, of course, is beautifully prepared and served, including many of the dim sum which arrive in the traditional Chinese bamboo steaming baskets.

You’ll find Lok Wah Hin at the Novotel Siam Square, Soi 6, in downtown Bangkok. They’re open every day from 11:30 am to 10:30pm.