Longan – Thailand’s Sweet and Tart Fruit Now in Season


It’s the beginning of longan season here in Thailand and I’m about to eat so much of it I’ll probably burst. Longan is a fruit that’s sold at local markets all over Thailand, in bunches and still on the branches the farmer snapped off the tree.

Longan has a fascinating flavor. Sweet but tart and with, sometimes, a slight grapefruity taste, but it’s absolutely delicious as a snack or dessert. Thais believe it’s a good relaxation aid, so when I’m tense I make sure I eat some longan too.


I bought a kilo of longan at my local market in Bangkok this afternoon, and ate a a few for dessert. Sweet, tangy and perfectly ripe and, oh yes, a kilo for a dollar (30 baht). You can’t beat it.