Looking for Cheap Places to Shop in Silom Area of Bangkok, Thailand?

Silom street sign – copyright Heinrich Damm, GNU Free Documentation


When I first moved to Bangkok, Thailand, and went looking for cheap shopping, I didn’t usually go to the Silom area of the city, as it’s one of the more upscale places to shop. But, after Thai friends pointed me to some truly excellent cheap shopping venues, I’ve been in love with Silom ever since.

Lalai Sap Market – The best market in the city for cheap business clothing, Lalai Sap Market isn’t often discovered by tourists and visitors to Thailand, as it’s tucked away down a small soi. At Lalai Sap, look for dress shirts and blouses, skirts, business slacks, conservative jewelry and shoes and, of course, a myriad of bags and wallets. Prices at Lalai Sap are incredibly cheap. Spend a couple of hours shopping there, and you can go to work the day after with a whole new outfit for only 300 baht ($10).

Lalai Sap Market is on Silom, Soi 5 in downtown Bangkok. Get to if by walking a few minutes from the Sala Daeng BTS sky train station.

Street Stalls Along Silom Road – There are a number of street stalls along the length of Silom selling cheap t shirts, jeans, shorts, socks, DVDs, CDs, jewelry, mobile phone accessories, photograph frames etc. New products are displayed all the time. I check weekly just to make sure I’m not missing some cool new bargain.

Silom Complex – One of Bangkok’s oldest malls, and soon to be renovated, Silom Complex Mall is old-fashioned but, with old-fashioned in Bangkok often comes “cheap”.

You’ll find shops selling inexpensive clothing and shoes, cut-price travel agents and opticians, and a large electronics chain store that always has good prices. Don’t miss the market-style stalls that often set up on the concourse areas either. I’ve bought inexpensive furniture, plants, clothing, jewelry, bedding and more. Types of stalls change weekly, so you never know what you’ll find. They’re also a great place to shop around the Christmas and New Year season.

Check out the basement level too as there are a number of inexpensive restaurants, if you want to eat lunch, dinner or just grab a drink, and a cheap pharmacy.

Silom Complex is slap bang next to the Sala Daeng BTS sky train station.

Bank Rak Market – If you love flowers, or are visiting someone and want to take some with you, one of the cheapest places to buy them is in the Silom area, at Bang Rak Market. Bouquets of small roses are as cheap as 25 baht (80 cents) and even Thailand’s famous orchids can be bought here for bargain basement prices.

Get to Bank Rak Market by taking the BTS sky train to Saphan Taksin station. The employees at the sky train ticket booth can give you directions from there.

Special Note – Although many tourists go to the nightly Patpong Market in Silom, it is not one of the cheap places to shop, and is only for tourists. In fact, you’ll often pay more than two to three times here what you’d pay at other markets in the city. If you’re looking for cheap, stay away.