Looking for the Best Milk in Thailand? Try Meiji Milk

meiji milk thailand


If you’re looking for a recommendation for the best milk in Thailand, look no further than Meiji milk. Meiji milk is produced by a Japanese dairy company in partnership with Thailand’s own Charoen Pokphand and I have to say, particularly for fat-free milk, it’s the best tasting milk in Thailand.

Although it is pasteurized, which I don’t particularly care for, it doesn’t have that funky after-taste that most pasteurized milk does. It also doesn’t give me indigestion, which some other Thai milk brands do. I’ve even had several Thai friends tell me the same thing as, like many Asians, they are lactose-intolerant so have problems digesting milk but they’ve found Meiji the kindest on their stomachs.

You can find Meiji milk at most supermarkets in Thailand. It comes in full-fat milk, something similar to 2 percent and fat-free milk. I always buy the fat-free milk and really do love it.

Do be aware, though, milk in Thailand is a little more expensive compared to milk in the west. Where i would normally be paying around $4 for a gallon of milk in America, in Thailand I pay almost $3 for less than half of that amount. So be sure to factor that into your grocery budget.

And one final comment, there are some foolish people in Thailand (westerners, of course), who believe any rumour going around, particularly if it makes a Thai corporation look bad. The rumour that’s been going round for years is that Thai milk is made from milk powder. It’s not.

Long-life milk in cartons in Thailand is made with milk powder. Milk, like Meiji, that you will find in the freezer section of Thai supermarkets is fresh milk just like anywhere else in the world. Don’t let the fools persuade you otherwise.