Mall Ngam Wong Wan Has Thailand’s Politest Staff – Daily Photo

mall ngam wong wan's polite staff
One of the Mall Ngam Wong Wan’s incredibly polite and lovely staff, and the nice doorman that always greats you with a smile.


If you’re looking for Thailand’s politest staff, look no further than the Mall Ngam Wong Wan. If you arrive at the mall right as they open at 10:30am, you’ll see staff at all the mall’s entrances standing in a line and giving each customer a ‘wai’ as they arrive. It’s really lovely and makes you feel so welcome.

The Mall Ngam Wong Wan is in Nonthaburi, right across the Bangkok-Nonthaburi border and, lately, it’s become one of my favorite malls. Not only does it have Thailand’s politest staff, there’s also a doorman that opens the door for you as you arrive — now that makes me feel like a valued customer, I don’t know about you.

To me, the Mall Ngam Wong Wan is one of the few Bangkok malls that is continuing to follow traditional Thai values. That makes it an incredibly nice place to shop, eat and relax over lunch or coffee with friends.

By the way, the Mall Ngam Wong Wan also has excellent restaurants and shopping. If you’re up in the northern Bangkok area, I highly recommend a visit as there’s lots to see.


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