Mango and Sticky Rice Season in Bangkok, Thailand

making mango and sticky rice thailand
Making mango and sticky rice in Bangkok


Mango and sticky rice is Thailand’s most quintessential dessert

Just about the most quintessential Thai dessert is Mango and Sticky Rice. Sold throughout Thailand, when it’s mango season is the best time to buy them, as they are ripe, juicy and taste delicious.

Mango season is April through June ie: now, and that’s when you’ll find the juiciest, sweetest mangoes. All over Thailand, in restaurants, supermarkets and street stalls, you can buy a large container of sliced mango with sticky rice and a bag of coconut milk to pour over the lot. Seriously, the most delicious thing you’ve ever eaten.

Thais will eat them by the kilo and keep gorging themselves on them till the season ends. Then, that’s it, till next year.


mango and sticky rice thailand


You can eat mango and sticky rice in Thailand out of season

For those of us who will pay more money and don’t mind eating the artificially ripened kind, you can still eat mango and sticky rice in Thailand even when it’s out of season – just more expensively and, to me, not as juicy.

Last year during mango season, I was working at a Thai company and some of the girls delighted in getting fresh mangoes from the places they thought sold ‘the best in Thailand’ and then serving massive plates to me loaded with sticky rice and dripping with coconut milk.

It’s no wonder I never manage to lose weight here.