Marucho Chicken-Coated Roasted Peanuts: A Thai Brand Just as Good as Koh Kae

Marucho peanuts thailand
Marucho coated peanuts, currently on sale at Tesco Lotus for just 8 baht (26 cents) for the small bags, down from their usual price of 11 baht (37 cents).


Marucho peanuts are a Thai brand I bought for the first time this week. Usually a purchaser of the Koh Kae brand of coated peanuts, I decided to give Marucho chicken-coated roasted peanuts a try this week as they’re currently on sale at my local Bangkok supermarket. Three bags of Marucho chicken-coated roasted peanuts later, and I have to say these peanuts are just as good as Koh Kae’s.

Marucho is a Thai brand that has been in existence since the early 1980s. Like Koh Kae, they sell a variety of flavors of coated peanuts — chicken, wasabi, coconut milk, shrimp and soy sauce. Their peanuts are fresh, crunchy and the flavorings they use are quite tasty. Calorie and nutrition-wise they’re also on a par with Koh Kae.

Most of my Thai friends seem to love coated peanut snacks and, while some are only Koh Kae fans, others eat Marucho coated peanuts or both. I’ll likely be the same as the latter friends mentioned — buy both Marucho coated peanuts and Koh Kae, depending which is cheaper that particular week, as they are both equally delicious.