Massive Floods Reach Bangkok: Almost 200 People Killed Throughout Thailand

Floods in southern Thailand


As Thailand’s dismal weather continues, with floods ravaging much of the north and south of the country, yesterday floods finally hit Bangkok. In 2011, Thailand has seen its worst rainy season in more than 50 years, with barely a day going by in four months where it hasn’t rained. Areas of the country have been flooding for weeks and now it’s the capital’s turn.

A massive deluge of water finally reached the northern suburbs of Bangkok yesterday, with areas of Don Muang flooding near the Chao Praya River.

Flooding in Ayutthaya province, about an hour north of Bangkok, are even worse and are at critical status in Ban Phraek and Tha Rua districts.

Meanwhile, Thailand’s new prime minister, Yingluck Shinawatra, has ordered 14 ministers, who will oversee flood prevention efforts, to spend a night in one of 12 provinces so they can better monitor the situation and see what people are really having to deal with.

The flooding in Thailand in 2011 has made 400,000 people suffer physical illnesses and almost 200 people have died in flash floods, including a French tourist.

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