McVitie’s Biscuits in Bangkok Supermarkets are Cheap

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McVitie’s biscuits in Bangkok supermarkets

McVitie’s biscuits, the brand of British biscuits popular in the UK for almost 200 years (‘cookies‘ to Americans) have suddenly started to appear in Bangkok supermarkets all over the city. They’re cheap too.

In fact, in 10 years of living in Bangkok, I’ve only ever seen McVitie’s biscuits in stores that specialize in imported products before, but lately they seem to be appearing everywhere, I’m guessing that means McVitie’s is doing a push of its products in Thailand.

Good for them, and a huge improvement from the Danish butter cookies found in huge quantities in most Thailand supermarkets!

Which McVitie’s biscuits can you find in Bangkok?

For Brits who long for good British biscuits, suddenly finding McVitie’s on a Bangkok supermarket shelf is pretty darned awesome. Especially when there’s a choice of McVitie’s Rich Tea biscuits, Ginger Nuts, Hobnobs, Milk Chocolate Digestives and even McVitie’s Crawford Fig Rolls — my favorite biscuits/mini cakes ever.

My only disappointment is I haven’t yet found Jaffa Cakes, but I’m sure they’re in Bangkok somewhere.

Prices for McVitie’s biscuits in Bangkok

Weirdly as well, the McVities’s biscuits in Bangkok that I’ve seen have been cheap — in some cases just as cheap as Thai biscuits, which is odd as they are all imported from the UK.

I picked up a couple of packets of Rich Tea biscuits yesterday at the supermarket in the basement of the Mall Ngam Wong Wan for only 32 baht (67p) per packet and even Ginger Nuts were only 64 baht (£1.34). Not bad for a packet of British biscuits that have been flown half way across the world.

If you’d like to get your hands on a couple of packets of McVitie’s biscuits in Bangkok, I’ve seen them at Villa Supermarket, Central Food Hall, Tesco Lotus (although not as many varieties) and Tops so far. Although I’m sure other supermarkets are selling them as well.