Meatballs Back on Menu at Ikea in Bangkok Minus the Horsemeat

Ikea meatballs
This looks appetizing to you? — Copyright Yoppy, Creative Commons License

Ikea in Bangkok has announced meat balls will soon be back on the menu at the Ikea Bangkok store, more than a month after they initially tested positive for horsemeat. According to Ikea, they’re already selling 100-percent beef meatballs again at their Scandinavian stores and plan on getting the meatballs back into Bangkok’s Ikea store within 2-3 months as well.

Probably a good decision as, even though most people I know won’t buy Ikea furniture due to the low-quality and the need to have to put the furniture together yourself, they will eat Ikea meatballs as, they say, they’re delicious.

It’s not only Thailalso and that had to deal with horsemeat in Ikea’s famous meatballs, of course. Horsemeat was discovered in Ikea’s meatballs in most other markets where they serve them. That’s because they meatballs are produced at the same locations in Europe and then shipped frozen all over the world.

Most of the horsemeat-tainted meat discovered in Europe and elsewhere was bought from Eastern European sources who were making their costs cheaper by using horsemeat in place of some of the meat they were selling as ‘beef’.

I don’t eat meat, so whether meatballs are back on the menu at Ikea in Bangkok or not means little to me. If you love Ikea meatballs, however, you will probably think differently.