Miss Grand Thailand 2013: Where Did All The Beautiful Brown-Skinned Thai Girls Go?

Miss-Grand-Thailand 2013


Thailand, like most other countries, has a plethora of beauty contests. One of them, Miss Grand Thailand 2013, is currently in the middle of choosing finalists, which would be interesting if Miss Grand Thailand 2013 wasn’t just about the most boring beauty contest in Thailand. After all, when I watch a Thai beauty contest, I’d like to see the typical brown-skinned Thai girls and not the group of bleached white, plastic-surgeried ‘fake farangs’ the people at Miss Grand Thailand 2013 seem to like.

Then again, it’s not just the girls in Miss Grand Thailand 2013 who are boring and cliched, it’s also the whole idea of the tournament. I mean, come on, even their tagline is cliched ” Promoting World Peace”. Really?

What’s sad about this type of ‘beauty contest’, however, isn’t just the high-society mainly Thai-Chinese girls the organizers choose, it’s the fact that it shows an ideal to the rest of Thailand’s women that they cannot possibly achieve. After all, when more than 90 percent of women in Thailand are brown-skinned Thai girls and, in most cases, very beautiful, why on earth should they be made to look at white-skinned aberrations as the ‘beauty ideal’.

Plus, like a male friend of mine said when he was looking through the photos of the girls at Miss Grand Thailand 2013 last night, “They look fake and far less pretty than most of the Thai girls I see every day wandering around Big C”.

He’s absolutely correct.

Of course, if you want to see more of the white-skinned ‘fake farangs’ involved in the Miss Grand Thailand 2013 competition, you can check out the photo gallery at Lifestyle Asia or watch the Kapook video below. Me? I’d rather watch paint dry.