More Pattaya markets and factories closed due to Covid-19 mandates damaging economy even further

Pattaya markets and factories closed as 37 out of 1,450 people positive for Covid (Graphic: Elf-Moondance — Pixabay)

While circumstances are currently terrible for the Pattaya economy due to a 16-month-long country borders closure and a ban on most international tourists, news today proves they can get worse.

And they have, as Chon Buri provincial officials have announced they have closed three Pattaya markets and two companies due to what they call ‘new clusters of Covid 19′ being discovered there.

The clusters were found at Pattaya’s New Market Nakla, Lan Poe Naklua and Amorn Nakhon markets.

The Pattaya companies that have been ordered to close are Huay Yai Jeen ice factory, and the Yian Hai Electronics Company.

Employees in both places have been placed in quarantine, even if they have not tested positive for the virus.

A total of 37 people were found to be infected with Covid-19 out of over 1,450 people tested. In other words, 2.55% of people tested were said to be infected, while 97.45% were not.

Of course, Thai authorities’ unscientific response to the low number of infections is to close the markets and disinfect all surfaces including the ground.

Something that has not been proven to stop the spread of Covid anywhere, especially as there is little evidence surfaces are a major cause of Covid infections.

Meanwhile, Pattaya’s New Market Nakla, Lan Poe Naklua and Amorn Nakhon markets will be closed for at least one day, while the two factories have been mandated to stay shut until July 11th.

Authorities say they will provide financial assistance to those who cannot work due to the market and factory closures.

However, with few of these governmental financial promises ever coming to fruition throughout Thailand, it is likely many employees will lose their income while Pattaya markets and factories remain closed.