More Public Holidays in Bangkok, November 9-11, 2011 as Flood Waters Rise?

My soi under 60 centimeters of water this evening – we flooded three days ago


Looks like we may have another round of public holidays due to Bangkok’s floods, after government ministers are curently debating on whether to declare November 9th thru 11th as public holidays as flooding in Bangkok worsens. Floods continue to inundate much of Bangkok, with the northern areas of Rangsit, Don Mueang, Laksi, Nonthaburi, Prachaniwet-Wat Sameen Ari, Pahonyothin, Kaset Sart, Kaset Nawamin, and much of Ladprao already completely under water. Flood waters have also moved into the Chatuchak and Saphan Kwai areas and are slowly moving in the direction of Ari and towards Victory Monument.

In my area, just off Pahonyothin Road near the elephant building, floods hit us on Friday night. By Saturday morning, flood waters measured 40 centimeters and have slowly risen until they’re at today’s level of 60 cms. If things continue as they have been, we expect to be at 70 or 80 cms by early evening tomorrow. Much more water and we’ll no longer be able to wade down the soi in knee-deep water, but will  have to resort to riding on military trucks or flagging down a boat.

And yes, I did see a motor boat this morning chugging its way across what is normally a large industrial parking lot next to the apartment building I live in. On Thursday night, teams of Thai workers were playing street football there. Four days later, a motorboat is making its way to a storage shed at the end of the lot, as it’s just about the only way to get there. Amazing Thailand indeed.


ETA: New holidays have just been announced for Bangkok and all flooded northern areas from November 9th to 11th, 2011.