Nakhon Sawan Under Water After Thai Army Tries to Save It


Front page of Bangkok Post showing Thai military frantically trying to save Nonthaburi, next down the line for more flooding


You have to give the Thai army credit for working their butts off to try to stop flooding around the country. In the last few days, a large contingent from the Thai army has been in Nakhon Sawan, erecting sandbag flood barriers in an effort to stop the floods inundating the city. Early this morning, the flood barriers gave way under the incredible force of water, and Nakhon Sawan is now completely submerged. The Thai army gave it all they had.

The floods are now also expected to cause even more flooding in places like Pakkret and Nonthaburi, and increase the chances of flooding in outer areas of Bangkok. And still, it’s raining.

If this continues, Bangkok will also be completely under water and places like Nakhon Sawan are going to need to build an ark.