Need Cheap Rabbit Toys in Bangkok, Thailand? This Tunnel is Awesome

cheap rabbit toy bangkok thailand

Buying cheap rabbit toys in Bangkok, Thailand isn’t as easy as you might imagine. I know as I’ve had rabbits for almost seven years yet end up most of the time having to use either cheap baby toys for my rabbits, or make them out of recyclable objects instead as finding good rabbit toys in Bangkok can be difficult.

This week, however, I stumbled across a very cool and incredibly cheap rabbit toy at my local branch of HomePro, the do-it-yourself store — not somewhere you’d necessarily think of going to buy stuff to entertain your bunnies. But, weirdly, they have oodles of fun stuff rabbits would love to climb over, burrow under or sit in.

Of course, like everything at HomePro, the item I bought wasn’t originally made to be a rabbit toy, but it’s worked out as a fun-looking one and my rabbits love it. On top of that, it was only 109 baht ($3.35), but my bunnies are going to get hours of fun out of it.

So…..what is it?

cheap rabbit toy bangkok thailand first introduction
Okay, Mom, what the hell is this? First introductions……


cheap rabbit toy bangkok thailand house
Okay… this is cool.

A nylon children’s collapsible laundry hamper that has been designed to look like a chicken. When it’s rolled on its side, however, it behaves like a typical rabbit tunnel (see above) that bunnies love to run through and, yes, it’s collapsible just like they are. (the tunnels, not the rabbits!)

You can also cut the end of it off, which I eventually did, so your rabbits can run straight through it as many times as they want to.

HomePro in Bangkok also sells these children’s laundry hampers in tiger and dog designs for the same cheap price. I’m going to stop off and pick up another one in a tiger design tomorrow and tape it to the end of the first one, thus doubling the length of the ‘rabbit tunnel’.

Yep, my bunnies are going to love me!