New Customer Service Survey at Chang Wattana Immigration in Bangkok


Don’t be surprised the next time you go to the Chang Wattana immigration offices in Bangkok, if you’re given a survey to answer. It looks like the Thai immigration department is getting serious about customer service. The survey, which only takes five minutes to answer but asks questions like “Were you happy with the efficiency of the service” and “Did you get what you needed without having to give a bribe?” (yep, there was a question on those lines), is obviously designed to get somewhat honest feedback from foreigners using the service.

I was at Chang Wattana today, renewing a visa. It was quiet but, even before I was handed the survey to complete, I definitely noticed a difference in how nice the immigration staff was being. They are always polite and nice but, today, everybody was even more friendly than normal.

Now, if we can just get the immigration officials at Suvarnabhumi Airport to be friendlier too, we’ll be all set  – as they’re officially known by most farangs in Thailand as being just about the most unfriendly, rudest Thais you’ll ever meet