New Thailand 1111 Helpline for Tourists and Other Non-Thais Visiting Thailand


If you’re in Thailand on holiday and have a problem, you may not be sure where you should report it. Luckily, the Royal Thai Government has just started a new 1111 helpline (an easy number to remember), which tourists and any other non-Thai in Thailand can call to complain.

The 1111 helpline is an extra number to the already existing 1155 Tourist Police Call Center hotline, which was set up years ago to deal with more emergency issues.

You can call both numbers, of course, but the 1111 helpline is more just a place to gripe, and to possibly get help with your problem, rather than it is if you have an actual emergency situation.

The call centers are open 24 hours a day, so even if you have a problem at 3am while in Thailand, you have a place to call.

This new 1111 helpline in Thailand is actually a nice idea. It’s been set up as part of an ongoing campaign by the Thai government to improve the experience of tourists and other non-Thais visiting Thailand.

The government wants tourists to know they are always absolutely welcome, and that Thailand will do its best to ensure they have a great time.