Noise Ordinances in Thailand Do Not Exist: Construction Noise at Third World Levels

Noise from these three diggers started at 7am here in Bangkok – on a Sunday.

With much of what goes on in Thailand, it is still easy to see it was a Third World country less than a decade ago. Case in point, noise ordinances in Thailand. In most cases they simply don’t exist or, if they do, they are not enforced and especially when it comes to construction.

Across the street from my apartment building, what was once a very nice single-family compound was sold several months ago and the developer who bought it is building three huge apartment buildings.

Construction began a few weeks ago and, needless to say, this being Thailand the construction noise is loud.

It starts at 7am, sometimes earlier, and is still going on at 8pm, 9pm, even sometimes later. Last night, the site foreman was out at 1am honking his car horn trying to get a migrant worker’s attention. Obviously, it has never dawned on this man that, in many apartments and houses nearby, people are trying to get some sleep.

This morning, Sunday, construction noise began at 7am,  with three diggers digging up cement and overturning the soil.

Regardless that there are family homes all the way around the site, and two large apartment buildings right next to the construction site, if you want to be able to get some sleep on a Sunday morning anywhere in this area of Bangkok, you would be better moving to a new place.

Noise ordinances in Thailand do not exist (well, they do, but good luck with getting them enforced) so, even if you call the police, nothing will change.

After all, police enforcement of noise laws in Thailand often comes down to money. It is very likely the guy who is building the apartment building has more money than you.

As for me, with construction predicted to be ongoing for two years, chances are I will be forced to move. That or live for the next 24 months sleepless and irritated, and with a constant headache.

TIT — This is Thailand. And anyone who has lived here for any point in time knows exactly what that means.