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Northern Bangkok Flood Photographs – Pahonyothin-Ratchada-Central Ladprao Area

Flood water on my soi at mid-calf early yesterday. Today it's at knee depth and still rising.


On my walk down my soi and to Central Ladprao yesterday, I took some photographs just to document the flooding around the Pahonyothin-Central Ladprao-Ratchadapisek area of northern Bangkok. As you’ll see, starting out at almost knee deep at my soi, in some areas of Pahonyothin it was soon at mid-thigh level and, at one spot, butt level.

Today, the water has risen a little bit more, with reports now saying the intersection of Ratchadapisek and Pahonyothin is at 70-80 centimeters (around 2 feet 3 inches to 2 feet 9 inches) and the Central Ladprao-Vibhavadi intersection at 70 centimeters (2 feet 3 inches).  At that height, it’s almost impossible to walk around in, so most people are hopping on military trucks if they can.

Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) has also done an incredible job during these floods. They have at least 10 trucks circling around the main roads and small side streets in my neighborhood, picking up people and taking them where they need to go. Some of the trucks even have step ladders that they place down in the water so you can climb up them and into the high truck. Thai ingenuity really does know no bounds during this crisis.


Water coming up the drain at the side of my apartment building - that area is now almost completely flooded even though they've spent two days pumping the water out onto an empty parking lot next to our building.
Flood water at the end of my soi on Pahonyothin Road, opposite the Elephant Building
Waiting for the bus at Central Ladprao - yes, in mid-thigh water, buses are still running
Both sides of Pahonyothin Road at Central Ladprao and Union Mall completely flooded - five hours after I took this photo, the road became completely impassable by small vehicles
I walked the whole length of flooded Pahonyothin Road from the Elephant Building (the white building on the right waaaay down the street). Took me almost an hour. Central Ladprao is the buildiing on the left hand side.