Ole Beauty Winky Eye Candy: Collagen Food That Makes You Beautiful?

What is Ole Beauty Winky Eye candy, and will it make you beautiful?

Ole Beauty Winky Eye candy — what the hell is that, you might ask. Well, I asked the same thing on my weekly shop to a Bangkok, Thailand supermarket this weekend, so I picked up a couple of packets to try it.

Now, let me start off by saying the addition of collagen into food has taken Thailand and the rest of Asia by storm in the last couple of years. So much so, it is already appearing in milk, soy milk, drinks, yoghurts, cakes and now even in candy.

Apparently, according to the people trying to sell the collagen food, it is supposed to be good for your skin and make you look more beautiful. Which means eating something like sugar-free Ole Beauty Winky Eye Candy, which is a “collagen food”, will make your skin look younger and your wrinkles disappear. Right?

Er…….no. It won’t.

In fact, Ole Beauty Winky Eye Candy is nothing more than a small packet of chewy lollipops that have a yoghurt flavor. I bought both packets available — strawberry and kiwi — to do some testing and, sure, while they taste nice enough, 15 baht (54 cents) for three small lollipops is expensive in Thailand.

Plus, eating candy with a little collagen added isn’t going to do anything for my face or my looks. After all, most scientific studies have shown adding collagen to food doesn’t make your skin any softer or more wrinkle-free than eating any other protein.

But, sadly, that is certainly not stopping Thai food companies from creating more and more collagen food to sell to gullible Thai consumers.

In fact, Ole Beauty has a slew of products they add collagen to and, as they have even roped in famous Korean actors, TV personalities and heart throbs Kim Beom and Jang Geun Suk (see video below) to advertise their products, you can guarantee sales will continue to rise.

At least if the thousands of screaming Thai girls who show up to see these guys put an Ole Beauty Winky Eye lollipop into their mouths is anything to go by.