Only in Thailand – Maeklong Market – The Train Goes Through It


We’re going to start a new series on Tasty Thailand called ‘Only in Thailand‘. If you’ve never been to Thailand, or if you have many times, or even if you’ve lived here for 20 years, there are certain things that happen in this country even the most seasoned of us can hardly believe.

A country of such incredible extremes, you see things in Thailand you’d never see anywhere else and most of them are just cool.

The first in our ‘Only in Thailand‘ series is the Maeklong Market, a small rural market in Samut Songhram, a couple of hours by train outside Bangkok.

At first glance, Maeklong Market is just like any other Thai market, full of fish, seafood, fruits, veggies and lots of other fresh stuff, but this one is built next to a train track. Then you hear the sound of a train whistle, the stall keepers bustle around and move all their wares off the train track and the train quietly moves through it.  Once the train is gone, back go the stalls, products and, yes, awnings and the market goes on as normal.

This, believe it or not, happens several times a day, yet see how calm the Thais are.

But…..of course, things aren’t always as perfect as they seem, not even in Thailand. In this particular video, celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain takes the train to Maeklong Market where the train has a minor accident on its way through the market.