Ovaltine Nature Select Soy: Great for an Occasional Treat (Video)

ovaltine soy


I drink soy milk in Thailand every day but, until recently, had never tried Ovaltine Nature Select Soy — a dried soy milk drink you just add water to and drink hot. After trying a couple of cups this week, let me tell you, for an occasional drink, it’s quite nice.

Now, I normally buy my soy milk in Thailand direct from a fresh soy milk stall that arrives in my soi (street) in Bangkok every morning. Like most Thais, I buy fresh soy milk that was made that morning and is then sold in plastic bags (watch the Ovaltine commercial below to see how). It’s only 5 baht (around 17 cents) a bag, so very cheap and two bags is enough for me for the day.

But….occasionally, my soy milk lady doesn’t come and, if I don’t have boxed soy milk in the house, I’m a bit stuck for what to use instead. That’s why, this week, I thought I’d buy a pack of Ovaltine Nature Select Soy for any ‘soy emergencies’ that might arise.

The type I bought comes in a packet, with five smaller packs (one-pack-per-drink) inside and, to drink it, you just add hot water. At only 37 baht ($1.25) per pack, that works out at only 7.4 baht or 25 cents a drink. Not quite as cheap as my fresh soy milk lady, but close enough.

The difference in fresh soy milk and Ovaltine Nature Soy Select is, of course, huge. While my fresh soy milk is just that — fresh — the Ovaltine Nature Soy Select is a processed soy that’s been formulated into a powder form and, of course, has sugar added.

That’s why, although Ovaltine Nature Soy Select is delicious, I would recommend only using it as an occasional ‘treat’ as fresh soy milk is far healthier for you.

Oh and, by the way, if you’re a vegetarian like me, you can drink Ovaltine Nature Soy Select as it’s certified to be a 100 percent vegetarian drink. And, at only 140 calories per drink, if you drink it just now and again, it won’t pile the pounds on either.