Phuket beaches to reopen June 9th after no new locally transmitted COVID-19 infections in two weeks

Phuket beaches to reopen after new COVID-19 cases in Thailand are few

If you are desperate for a few days away at a Thai beach somewhere, Phuket might be a good option as of tomorrow.

That is because local disease control officials are allowing Phuket beaches to reopen from Tuesday, June 9th after no new COVID infections have been reported on the island in two weeks.

Unfortunately strict social distancing will still be enforced making Phuket beaches not the laid-back, fun-loving places they once were.

Clear guidelines have not yet been laid out for the Phuket beach reopening, however, with Phuket Governor Phakapong Tavipat still to meet with local officials to iron out the particulars

They will include strict social distancing of at least 1 meter, which will require beach chairs to be placed quite far apart from others on the beach.

Beach goers will be allowed to swim and sunbathe and even to play beach games as long as they are far enough away from other people.

It may be difficult to get to Phuket beaches for at least the next few days, however, as Phuket airport is not due to open to domestic passengers until June 15th.

Meanwhile, with a total of 3,119 cases in Thailand and only seven new cases reported today, all of which were of people who had recently returned from overseas, it is looking increasingly likely the COVID-19 crisis in Thailand could soon be coming to an end.

This is good news for businesses and people involved in the tourist industry in Thailand.

A tourist industry that has been at all but a standstill since the Thai government shut down the country’s borders to international travelers at the end of March due to the virus.

Mortality rates due to COVID-19 have also been low with only 3,119 cases and just 58 deaths.

A marked difference to Spain, another popular tourist destination, which with a population only two thirds the number of Thailand has seen over 288,000 cases and 27,136 deaths.