Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’ Most Influential Song in Thailand in 2012 (Video)

If you ask any Thai teenager which pop song is their current favorite, the majority will tell you “Gangnam Style“.

Released by chubby 34-year-old South Korean pop sensation Park Jae-Sang, “Gangnam Style” has reached over 210 million views on YouTube since it was released a couple of months ago and is still climbing in viewership every day.

Park Jae-Sang, usually known by his nickname ‘Psy’ has even been at the MTV Awards in LA and appeared on a number of popular American TV shows.

No wonder viewership for his video is going through the roof.

In Thailand, of course, where all things K-Pop (Korean Pop) are loved, “Gangnam Style” is a sensation. Thai teenagers and young adults not only listen to the song numerous times a day, they already know all the “horse riding dance” steps, and are doing them on dance floors all over the country.

A group of over 200 students from Bangkok’s Silpakorn University even participated in a Gangnam Style flash mob outside Bangkok Art and Culture Center last week that really drew the crowds.

There has even been a very funny spoof video of “Gangnam Style” released on YouTube by a famous Thai YouTuber, BieTheSka, that has already received almost 3.5 million views itself.

Do watch the sections filmed on Bangkok’s public transportation — hilarious to watch the faces of the passengers who are pretending nothing odd is going on.