Rainy Season Begins in Thailand with June’s Torrential Downpours

rainy season thailand
Rain in Bangkok – photo copyright bfick, Creative Commons license

Rainy Season begins in Thailand

Thailand’s official ‘rainy season’ is May to October but tends to start in vengeance in June. So it’s been no surprise this week, as we head towards the end of June, 2013, to see Thailand’s rainy season properly kick in with torrential downpours four consecutive nights here in Bangkok. And, as I write these words, it’s getting ready to rain again.

What does rainy season mean for your travelling in Thailand?

Rainy season, as the name suggests, means it will rain many days of the week in Thailand. Whether it’s a quick shower at lunch time, a stronger downpour mid-afternoon, or raining cats and dogs as you try to get home from work or head to the local mall to meet friends, you will see rain the majority of days. Some days, however, will be a lot worse than others.

But, before you cancel your planned trip now you know you’re arriving during rainy season in Thailand, or before you decide to leave and head to Vietnam or Indonesia instead, don’t worry. Rainy season is nowhere near as bad as it sounds.

Most days during rainy season in Thailand, it will eventually end up raining quite heavily. But, unlike in much of Europe where it can rain for days or just drizzle endlessly, here in Thailand the rains come down hard and fast but they disappear just as quickly.

How much does it rain during rainy season in Thailand?

In fact, you’ll rarely get rain that lasts longer than 15-30 minutes. Sure, it will rain so hard you’ll feel like it’s never going to stop and, if you’re trapped out in it, you’ll soon be paddling in a foot of water in many areas of Thai cities like Bangkok. But…..

As fast as the rain starts, it will stop. The streets will dry up ridiculously quickly and, usually within just a few minutes of the rain coming to an end, it will be difficult to notice that it ever rained at all.

That’s why, if you get stuck somewhere in torrential rain in the rainy season in Thailand, don’t even try to navigate it. Just head to a cafe or a shopping mall and relax over a coffee or a quick bout of shopping.

An hour from now, and there won’t be any water anywhere.

We are, however, expecting rain every day through at least Sunday, at least according to the Thai Metereological Department, so plan accordingly.