Restaurant Review: Santa Fe Steak in Bangkok, Thailand

Santa Fe Steak restaurant serves some of the best cheap steaks in Bangkok, Thailand

One of my favorite places to eat steak in Bangkok, Thailand is at Santa Fe Steak restaurant. I ate there with a Thai friend on my first visit and have been hooked ever since. Promoted as an American-style steak house, it’s become popular in Bangkok for steak and western food lovers who like the food but don’t want to pay the normal Bangkok high prices.

The Menu at Santa Fe Steak
– Upon first opening up the menu, it looks like Sizzler, the American chain restaurant that’s hugely popular in Bangkok. But, when you look closer, the food is similar but prices are far lower, yet portions look the same. The menu is large with appetizers, soups, beef steak, lamb steaks, pork steaks and chops, chicken, sausages, salmon steaks, spaghetti, and salads to choose from. They also have a specials menu, that changes often, and this offers several decent choices for cheap prices. As far as drinks, they serve the typical Thai iced teas, Pepsi, fruit juices and bottled waters.

Check out their specials posters, they have some great deals

Santa Fe Steak’s Food – With a large menu, it was difficult to choose but, on our first visit to Santa Fe Steak, my friend finally settled on a huge pork chop, served with a side salad and garlic bread and I plumped for the filet mignon wrapped with bacon. This also came with side salad and garlic bread.

When the plates arrived, we were both surprised at how large the portions were. My friend’s pork chop was huge and, even though I had chosen a ‘special’, my filet mignon with bacon was two quite large pieces of steak wrapped in a delicious smokey bacon. The salad was a nice size, and was doused in a sweet Thai mayonnaise sauce that was lovely. Add on two fair-sized slices of garlic bread from a thick French roll, and the meal is large enough for any appetite. Both meals too were decent. Not up to the standard of a real American steak house, they were still good enough and, for the price, were excellent.

Prices at Santa Fe Steak – Soup and salads range between 60-90 baht ($1.90-$2.90). Average entrees begin at 90 baht ($3) and go up to 340 ($11.20) for the higher cuts of steak with most falling in the 170 baht range ($5.85). Check out the daily specials though as, with only five or six to choose from, they still offer excellent deals.

My friends enormous pork chop and all the sides was only 179 baht ($5.95). My filet mignon wrapped with bacon, side salad and garlic bread was an even better deal, at only 129 ($4.30). In fact, for a nice dinner for two with Pepsi on the side at Santa Fe Steak, the whole bill was just over $11. A deal you cannot beat.

The Santa Fe Steak restaurant at MBK Mall in Bangkok

Santa Fe Steak Locations – There are more than 25 locations in Bangkok alone. The first time we at at Santa Fe Steak, we ate at the branch in the restaurant basement area of Esplanade Mall. There’s a larger branch at Central World Plaza, one at Seacon Square, another at The Mall Ramkamhaeng, a very popular one at MBK Mall and many others all over the city. Check your local mall in Bangkok to see if they have one and, if not, write to the mall to suggest they get one.