Review: Daddy Dough Donuts in Bangkok, Thailand


Daddy Dough Donuts is one of Bangkok, Thailand’s most famous donut chains.  Definitely a Thai-style donut, they’re a bit sweet for my taste but you, of course, may love them.

The Story of Daddy Dough – Oddly, while all the promotional literature on Daddy Dough in Bangkok talks about the company being ‘created’ by, at the time, 24-year-old Peter Thaveepolcharoen, as far as I’m aware that’s not technically true. The Daddy Dough franchise in Bangkok is actually part of an American company, that’s been in operation in the US and elsewhere for more than 20 years.


The Daddy Dough stores in Bangkok are franchises and direct copies of their American counterparts, right down to the logo and products they sell. Not to say that’s bad, but they are not a ‘Thai-brand’.

Donuts at Daddy Dough – One of the main reasons Daddy Dough has become one of the most popular donut stores in Bangkok is due to the huge variety of flavors of donut they sell. At last count, more than 50 different kinds of donuts are available, with most stores selling 25-30 of these types on any given day.

Flavors of donut range from powdered donuts to chocolate, strawberry, iced, cinnamon, green tea, spinach (yep, you read that correctly), honey banana, mocha trio, tiramisu, chocolate chip cashew nut, espresso and many more.

The taste of Daddy Dough donuts, to me, though is far too sugary. During the few visits I’ve made to various Daddy Dough locations, I’ve tried around 10 different flavors. Every one has had too heavy of a cake mixture for a traditional donut and they’re simply far too sweet.

Iced donuts are loaded with ice, coffee donuts have too much sugar and even the custard-style stuffed donuts are the same – too much sugar and therefore too cloyingly sweet.

In fact, every time I’ve eaten a Daddy Dough donut I’ve immediately had to find something savory to eat, as the extreme sweet taste seems to stay in my mouth forever.

Thais however love Daddy Dough donuts, which is evidenced by how quickly the company is expanding, so how I think about the donuts is definitely not universal.

Prices at Daddy Dough

Daddy Dough’s prices are pretty similar to most other donut shops around Bangkok. Set prices of around 19 baht (66 cents) per donut, with a slight discount (around 50 cents) if you buy a dozen. They are more expensive than my favorite donut shop, Mister Donut, but usually cheaper than Krispy Kreme.

Locations of Daddy Dough – With so many new branches opening all the time, it’s hard to keep track of the number. At last count, there were 23 branches around Bangkok with several more openings planned for this year.

According to various news reports, Daddy Dough sells more than 10,000 donuts city-wide per day.