Review: Evergarden Chinese Restaurant at the Evergreen Laurel Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand


As a business owner in Bangkok, Thailand, I spend a portion of each month on business lunches. One of my latest was at Evergarden, a Chinese restaurant at the Evergreen Laurel Hotel in the Sathorn area of the city. My client had read on a Bangkok website that Evergarden was a good place for a business lunch and, as we both enjoy Chinese food, he booked a table there. After just one visit, it was easy to see why this Bangkok Chinese restaurant is so popular with the city’s high-society business men and women, and not surprising so many people love it.

Where is Evergarden? – Evergarden is located in the Evergreen Laurel Hotel on Sathorn Road towards the end of the BTS sky train line. It’s not an area I normally go to, as it’s away from the main Sathorn office and shopping district but, as the Evergreen Laurel Hotel is a five-star hotel, I figured it had to be good.

In fact, the Evergreen Laurel Hotel is so incredibly stunning, even if Evergarden had been terrible, it would have still been worth the trip just to experience the hotel. Needless to say that was not the case.

The Atmosphere at Evergarden – You can’t say much except absolutely delightful and lovely. Located on the second floor of the hotel, Evergarden has to be one of the prettiest Chinese restaurants I’ve ever eaten at. Anywhere. Light and bright, and not glowing red like so many Chinese restaurants around the world, Evergarden is more like an elegant tearoom than a Chinese restaurant, and so calm and relaxing.

The Food – Now, I love Chinese food but much of what I used to think was Chinese food was the typical ‘Chinese food’ in America, which is so far away from authentic Chinese cuisine it’s laughable. At Evergarden though, the food served is authentic beyond your wildest dreams, and so succulent and savory, once finished I was already dreaming of my next visit.

Mainly serving Cantonese and Shezuan dishes, there are a few Thai choices as well, but the Chinese fare is where they really excel. There’s an a la carte menu or a series of set meals and that’s where my problems begin, as everything looks and sounds so incredible, it was hard to make a decision.

The menu is highly concentrated on various fish and seafood dishes, along with dim sum, duck and a variety of other typical Cantonese or Shezuan foods. Try the crab claws in carrot sauce, which I swear is one of the best things I’ve ever eaten, or the snowfish or abalone, served in a number of different sauces. The dim sum too are wonderful, and seemed to be what just about every table was ordering.

But, no matter what you decide upon, except to be rewarded with supremely fresh food served in a number of interesting styles I hadn’t seen anywhere else and with some of the tastiest sauces ever.

Evergarden also offers several vegetarian options, which is nice if you’re in a mixed party.

Prices at Evergarden – For one of the best Chinese restaurants in Bangkok, and yes it’s been named that many times, Evergarden’s prices are inexpensive. Set lunches, for 8-10 courses, average between 300-450 baht ($10-15). Or, if you decide on the a la carte menu, expect to pay 500-600 baht $16.60-$18.60) per person for lunch, which is still extremely inexpensive for the high quality of food served.

Dress, by the way, is smart casual and, yes, most of the diners here are perfectly attired.

You’ll find Evergarden at 88 North Sathorn Road Bang Rak, Bangkok.