Review: Pasaya Bed Linens in Bangkok – Gorgeous Sheets and Pillows


A while ago, needing new bed linens in my Bangkok, Thailand apartment, I decided to splurge and buy a set of Pasaya bed sheets, pillowcases and a duvet cover. Pasaya is a famous Thai home fashion design studio with some of the most luxurious bed sheets you’ll find anywhere. Normally, I’ve just looked, drooled and moved on as Pasaya sheets are quite expensive. But, this time, I had the money and wanted something beautiful so Pasaya sheets and pillow cases were it. After just one night sleeping on my Pasaya sheets, I could immediately see why my Thai friends raved about them and here’s why.

Design of Pasaya Bed Linens – Many of Pasaya’s designs seem particularly Thai to me. The colors are more muted than other bed linen brands, with gorgeous deep burgundies, dusky pinks, light browns and pale yellows. Looking through the catalog of Pasaya bed linens at my local Central department store, it was difficult to make a decision as they were all so lovely. I struggled for a long time over a design in the Aijin range called The Princess, which had a soft brown background with cream flowers or one in the Kiku range – Wire Rose, a gorgeous lilac-purple background with light blue flowers.

Finally, I decided on the Kiku – Wire Rose design as it would give my bedroom a new look. I bought the sheets, pillowcases and the duvet cover.

Cost of Pasaya Bed Linens – Like I said, Pasaya bed linens are not cheap. The four piece bed sheet set I bought was just over 10,000 baht ($310). The set included the duvet cover, two pillowcases and one sheet for a King size bed. (Thais only use a bottom sheet on the bed and no top sheet, so if you’re wanting a two sheet set like in the west, Pasaya is maybe not for you). However, the thread count of the Kiku – Wire Rose sheets is 380 thread count, which is quite high and you definitely notice this as soon as you lie on them.

The Quality of Pasaya Bed Linens – Most of the bed linens range from a thread count of 380 up to 650 so, as you can imagine, they feel amazing. The dye that Pasaya uses too makes the sheets a deep color but still muted, which gives the sheets a rich look. They feel unbelievably soft. If you have an odd-sized bed, for an extra price, you can buy made to measure sheets, which will really make you feel like you’re living in the lap of luxury.

As soon as I put the sheets and duvet cover on my bed, I could see an enormous difference between the sheets I’d used previously and these. While the others were a little slick feeling, the Pasaya sheets simply feel so soft like you’re going to sink into them forever. Soft, cozy and smooth, you can’t ask for better quality than these.

Very few people have heard of Pasaya bed linens as they’re mostly sold in Thailand. If you’re interested in trying them out, you can buy them at most Bangkok department stores as well as at their showroom in Siam Paragon Mall. Pasaya also has a wonderful website where you can order bed linens online. While you’re there, don’t forget too to check out their online outlet shop. Even with the limited designs available in it, you can still get a wonderful deal.

Pasaya also makes beautiful curtains, cushions, dining linens, napkins and rugs.