Ronald McDonald in Bangkok, Thailand Still Won’t Make Me Buy McDonald’s Food — Daily Photo

Ronald McDonald in Bangkok Thailand

The ‘wai’ in Thailand is a greeting that is used as a sign of respect.

So, to have a plastic Ronald McDonald in Bangkok, Thailand copying the Thai wai while McDonald’s restaurants are feeding the country ‘food; (if that’s what you can call it) that isn’t even fit for a dog — it just makes me angry.

So angry, in fact, you can be sure I tell every Thai I know why they should not buy food at McDonald’s.

McDonald’s food is unhealthy and really really bad for you.

It is loaded with preservatives.

McDonald’s hamburgers are also less than 30 percent actual meat and, oh yeah, the mass chopping down of the rain forest by McDonald’s just to house more cattle to turn into hamburgers and more chickens for their McNuggets  is one HUGE reason you should never eat at McDonald’s.

In Thailand or anywhere.

That is why, the next time  you see a plastic Ronald McDonald giving you a fake Thai wai in Bangkok, Thailand or anywhere else in the country — take a photo if you think it is interesting, and then walk on by.

If you are hungry, there are thousands of Thai-owned restaurants in Bangkok that do sell healthy food, and not the mass-produced junk McDonald’s serves up.