Sarawat Mha Bha Thai Police Drama Could Be Box Office Hit

sarawat mha bha


There’s a new Thai police drama just released today and it looks like it could be a box office hit. Called Sarawat Mha Bha (ตัวอย่างภาพยนตร์ สารวัตรหมาบ้า) or ‘Inspector Mad Dog‘ in English, it stars Somchai Khemklad, and is an interesting mix of police drama and psychological thriller.

A young woman’s body is found in a muddy pool on abandoned land underneath a freeway. She has been pierced by a metal rod. It’s soon discovered she is the daughter of a high-level government minister As police attempt to follow clues to find the murderer, they soon realize this isn’t just any ordinary murder.

Heading up the investigation is a police inspector (Somchai Khemklad), who is currently under investigation by internal affairs. As the investigation into the young woman’s death begins, he not only finds himself trying to solve the crime and catch her killer but also the target of the killer himself.

Sarawat Mha Bha opens around Thailand today. It’s in Thai, but most movie theaters show English subtitled versions of all Thai movies if you don’t speak Thai but are interested in seeing it. Just check with the ticket office before purchasing your ticket that you’re buying a ticket for the correct theatre.

Don’t forget, you can also can check movie times for Sarawat Mha Bha at MovieSeer.

Meanwhile, watch the official trailer for Sarawat Mha Bha below. Now tell me that doesn’t look scarily good?