See a Movie at a VIP Cinema in Bangkok, Thailand

On a trip to Bangkok, Thailand, you must see a movie in a VIP cinema. A concept I hadn’t seen anywhere until I came to Bangkok, seeing a movie at a VIP cinema is the best movie going experiences I’ve ever had and, to this day, I still love it. If you love movies and want a truly Thai experience, on your next trip to Bangkok splurge a little and buy a movie ticket in a VIP cinema. I promise, you’ll love it .

What is a VIP Cinema in Bangkok? – There are two kinds of VIP cinemas in Bangkok. The first is simply a VIP ticket in a regular movie theater, but usually located in a large area at the back or up on a balcony. The second is a VIP ticket to a separate theater – a smaller sized one than normal, usually only 30-50 seats, but with lots of lovely little extras .

How Much is a Ticket to a VIP Cinema in Bangkok? – The ticket price depends on the movie you’re going to see (new releases of highly-anticipated movies like Harry Potter are much more expensive than the 331st James Bond), the movie theater it’s showing in (newer theaters owned by certain companies are more expensive than older theaters owned by other companies) and what time of day you go (matinees are cheaper than evening shows).

Prices for a VIP movie seat in Bangkok begin at 300 baht ($10) and go up to 700 baht ($23.50), which is sometimes for a single seat and other times for a love seat that will fit two .

What Happens in a VIP Cinema in Bangkok – Again, the experience and what you get for your money differs, depending on which Bangkok movie theater you go to. One thing you can count on though, it’ll be pretty luxurious and probably the most comfortable you’ve ever been in a movie theater – at any time in your life.

Most VIP movie theater experiences begin when you buy your ticket and are shown to a private lounge, far away from the usual rabble of moviegoers. Here, you’ll be given drinks, cookies, snacks and, in some cases, even get an alcoholic cocktail – all included in the price of the ticket.

Next, just a few minutes before the movie is due to begin, an attendant shows you to your seat. If it’s in a larger theater, it will be at the back or on a special balcony, but you can count on it being prime seating in a perfect location to be able to enjoy the movie.

Seating differs at each VIP cinema. Some seating is like a first-class plane seat – a huge chair that reclines, has a foot rest and comes with a blanket and a pillow. Other seating on offer are reclining love seats, where you and your special someone can have a romantic time cuddling under a blanket together. Finally, in a few movie theaters there are even beds, where you can lie out just like you would at home, all tucked up with your pillow and blankie. In a couple of Bangkok theaters, you’ll even be given socks. Seriously, you couldn’t be any more comfortable if you were in your own bed at home.

Attendants will come around and take drinks orders and deliver yet more snacks – popcorn, cookies, chocolate etc – basically waiting on you hand and foot the whole time the movie is on. I’ve even been to one Bangkok VIP cinema that served pizza and chicken wings.

Just remember two important things if you decide to see a VIP movie in Bangkok. The King’s anthem will be played before the movie starts and, as the King is highly respected and loved in Thailand, everyone is expected to stand up, even those in the VIP seats.

Secondly, VIP seating is so incredibly comfortable more than a few people have fallen asleep and missed the movie they paid almost $25 for. Try to stay awake. You can sleep when you get home.