See One Piece Film Z in Thailand: Japanese Anime At Its Best (Video)

one piece film z


Thais are huge fans of the Japanese shōnen manga comic book series One Piece, so it’s probably not surprising that the latest film in the One Piece film series, ‘One Piece Film Z’ is doing so well at the box office in Thailand. In fact, it went as far as the number two most popular film in Thailand before falling to its current number nine box office spot.

One Piece Film Z is the twelfth movie in the One Piece anime movie series and beloved by just about every Thai child and teenager I know. Not only that, adults are also big readers of the One Piece manga comic book series, so they’ve been heading to the movie theatre in Thailand in droves as well.


After all, Japan has been releasing one movie in the series every year, so it’s kind of like the Asian Harry Potter to Thais.



If you’re stuck for something to do this upcoming weekend and enjoy Japanese anime, I highly recommend this Japanese anime movie, as it really is a lot of fun.

One Piece Film Z is also still showing at various movie theatres in Thailand, but I’d suggest seeing it fast before it’s replaced by something else. Meanwhile, watch the trailer so you can see how much fun you’re missing.