Segafredo Zanetti in Bangkok, Thailand – Coffee Coinnoisseurs Can’t Miss This


I first drank Segafredo Zanetti coffee in Hanoi, Vietnam and, for the few days I was there it was my favorite cafe. So, last year, I was thrilled to see Segafredo Zenetti branches popping up in various places in Bangkok, Thailand. Segafredo Zanetti is the world’s largest privately owned coffee shop company. It serves only Italian coffee products and, quite frankly, puts many other coffee shops to shame, its products are that good. Here in Thailand, with nine branches open and several more on their way, Segafredo Zanetti is going to hit it big. I can tell.

What is Segafredo Zanetti – Italy-based Segafredo Zanetti is one of the world’s largest coffee shop companies, with 600 coffee shops all over Italy, and in Madrid, Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris and Brussels, they’re now expanding into Asia with shops already in Hanoi, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong and now Bangkok. Founded in 1973, Segafredo Zanetti prides itself on only serving coffee up to its high Italian standards and, boy, are they correct. As a coffee addict, who’s drunk coffee at more than 1,000 coffee companies all over the world, Segafredo Zanetti ranks up there with the best.

Coffee at Segafredo Zanetti – The first great thing about this coffee chain here in Bangkok are the large number of coffee choices on their menu.

Iced coffee, Caffe Lungo, Caffe Lattes, Caffee Macchiato, Mezzo Mezzo (with espresso and chocolate) and the regular cup of coffee, to name but a few – Segafredo Zanetti has something for every coffee lover. They also serve a few green tea products, hot and iced chocolate and a chocolate granita (chocolate and vanilla ice cream, blended).

Their lattes are smooth, not bitter and with milk steamed to absolute perfection. The foam is just right, the blend lovely – in fact, there’s hardly a better latte in Bangkok. I’m also a fan of their iced coffees, which aren’t normally a favorite of mine. Unlike many other coffee shops, because the coffee Segafredo Zanetti uses isn’t any old cheap brand, their iced coffees are strong but with no odd after-taste like some other Bangkok cafes.

They also make a variety of fruit smoothies, that are pretty decent, particularly the Honey Lime smoothie, and a small selection of sandwiches and baked goods that, from the ones I’ve tried, are very tasty.

Prices at Segafredo Zanetti in Bangkok – You’d think, with their red and black and extremely stylish cafes, their prices would be steep, as this place screams “Elegant and trendy”. But, surprisingly, on just about everything, they’re at least 10-20 baht (33-66 cents) cheaper than Starbucks which, if you drink as much coffee as I do, adds up over a month.

They also usually have monthly promotions pairing specific drinks with sandwiches, or drinks with baked goods and, if you like what’s on offer, the promotions are inexpensive and worth grabbing.

In Bangkok, you’ll find Segafredo Zanetti on the 4th floor of Central World Mall, on Sukhumvit 55 at Thonglor, on Sukhumvit 41, and at The Crystal Shopping Center, to name just a few.

If you’d like to try what they have on offer, look for the red, black and white distinctive design and you can’t miss them.