Skytrain Advertising in Bangkok – Sometimes it’s Funny (Featured Photo)


If you use the BTS skytrain in Bangkok, Thailand you’ll notice quickly how inventive and cool much of the skytrain advertising is. It’s changed every week or two and, as it’s plastered all over the trains coming in and out of the train stations, as well as on huge pillars all over each skytrain platform, it’s very easy to spot.

Skytrain advertising in Thailand can also be a photographer’s dream, as mksystem on Flickr proves with this very funny photograph he took while on one of Bangkok’s skytrain platforms. The guy calmly waiting for the train has no idea what might be coming — well, in another universe, anyway.

We loved the photo so much, we just had to add it to our Featured Photos section.  Thanks mksystem — awesome image!

Kudos to the advertising agency too. A very innovative ad.