Spirits War: Thai Movie Has Awesome CG Effects, Action-Packed Story (Video)

spirits war thai movie


Spirits War, a new Thai movie just released this week, is the story of the fight between good and evil. It takes place in the old kingdom of Siam (present day Thailand) when a powerful man, Lord Panwa, decides to mine a mountain for personal gain.

Unfortunately, the mountain is the site of an ancient burial ground and when the mine is opened, old and evil spirits are released.

Meanwhile, spirit hunter Prai ends up in the area on his way somewhere else and, when he falls asleep, he is attacked by evil spirits. Prai is able to fight them off with the help of Naga, his fanged sword but he is seen by Paratee. She is also a spirit hunter and has been sent to kill the ancient spirits released from the mine.

But, in the midst of battle, she is soon taken prisoner by an evil priest who wants the riches owned by Lord Panwa for himself, and it’s up to Prai to not only save her but to also send the spirits back to where they belong.

Spirits War, while probably not being Oscar caliber, certainly looks like a very entertaining action movie with some pretty spectacular looking CG effects. If you enjoyed movies like ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’, you’ll probably love this one.

Spirits War is showing now at movie theaters all over Thailand. Just make sure, if you don’t understand Thai, to buy a ticket for the version with English subtitles.

Meanwhile, watch the Spirits War trailer below. Fun, eh?