Street Ice Cream – The Best Dessert in Thailand

This is the old man I bought ice cream from last week, preparing my tub

If I’m feeling like a sweet snack and don’t want to spend a load of money, I’ll often stop and pick up some ‘street ice cream’. This is ice cream made by one of Thailand’s still-working old people. They push carts of stainless steel refrigerated containers through the streets, and inside the container is a huge vat of coconut ice cream. 

You can order it the ‘Thai way’, which is a couple of scoops of ice cream on a hot dog bun (yep, on bread), with some yellow corn put on top and then the whole lot has condensed milk poured over it. Cost? 10 baht or 30 cents.  Or, you can get it the way I usually do, two big scoops of coconut ice cream in a small tub, with a layer of sticky rice, some sweet corn then condensed milk and peanuts put on the top. Cost? The same 10 baht or 30 cents.

I love to buy ice cream this way in Thailand as, not only is it giving the money to old people who really need it, but it’s also incredibly fresh and delicious.  

The Thai friend I often grab lunch or snacks with – we both love food!!!