Swiss Embassy in Bangkok has 180 AstraZeneca Covid vaccinations for at-risk Swiss nationals

While the United States still refuses to offer Covid-19 vaccinations for its citizens living overseas, the Swiss government has stepped up to the plate and is now offering 180 AstraZeneca Covid vaccinations for at-risk Swiss nationals living in Thailand.

The Swiss Embassy announced on its Facebook page anyone making an appointment for one of the 180 Covid vaccinations must be over the age of 55, or with one of a number of pre-existing conditions.

The Swiss eligible for these Covid-19 vaccinations must be able to get them at a private hospital in Bangkok, but Swiss nationals living outside the Thai capital are still eligible.

They just must be in Bangkok by 8am the day of their vaccination, which may require an overnight stay in a hotel. Appointments will be made for later in July.

Covid-19 vaccinations available via the Swiss Embassy are on a first-come, first-served basis. With Thailand itself struggling to offer vaccinations even to its own citizens, it is likely the demand will be high.

Particularly as expats have been complaining on social media about the impossibility of registering for a Covid vaccine in Thailand.

To schedule an appointment, a Swiss national living in Thailand should email the embassy at

The email should include their name, date of birth, passport number, address and phone number in Thailand. They will then be scheduled for a vaccination at a Bangkok private hospital.